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The Diamond Project

diamond project

With determination she brought forth her Alabaster Box; with a distinct touch came back Whole Again; and now she walks in destiny with The Diamond Project, Delia’s long awaited new release! ...[VIEW MORE]


 Alabaster Box


Alabaster Box is a compilation of songs that have brought her through broken times in her life.  You will be encouraged as she speaks to your heart through songs...[VIEW MORE]

Whole Again

Whole Again

Make no mistake, the Lord has not left Delia broken; He has taken the broken pieces of her Alabaster Box to bring you Whole Again – the sequel to Alabaster Box. ...[VIEW MORE]

delia “I was caught up at once in deep worship and oh! – a Throne set in Heaven with One Seated on the Throne” Rev. 4:2 MSG 

When I accepted my Husband’s proposal to marry him, he gave me the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen.  I marveled at its sight crying out “OH!”  I remember the comments from others as they expressed how they could see it sparkle from the back of an auditorium and how my face had a glow.  One particular comment was from a young married lady that said to me “It is so shiny and new”.  I expressed to her that I was trying to keep it clean.  Her response, however, was one that struck me, “Give it some time, you will get tired of doing that and it will be like mine, dull.”  To this day, eight years later, I continue to clean my diamond weekly and as others continue to offer compliments, I simply say, “It came with a wonderful man of God who outshines it!”  I get chuckles by the response and some even think I’m a newlywed. 

For some reason Ephesians 5 would begin with instruction for worship and devotion.  It instructs us to sing to one another with psalms and spiritual songs, to sing and make music in our hearts to the Lord.  It goes on to say, “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”  This also is the same chapter that is often quoted in marriage ceremonies.  You know the one….the one some women dread hearing because of much misuse…. “Wives submit to your husbands….. Husbands love your wives as the LORD loves the church”.   

Now before you stop reading, allow me to continue. . .

Our relationship to the Lord is one of a Bride and Groom.  We are His bride!  He has proposed to us and shines His love on us!  Just as a diamond has many facets, Eph 3:10 speaks of the manifold wisdom of God.  He shines His love on us in countless ways.  His intent is that through us, His many wonders be made known.  As we daily devote our lives to Him, may we be so caught up in deep worship not to become dull, but to draw a response of “Oh!” allowing His glory to shine on us and drawing others to the Radiant One seated on the Throne!  Radiate His love and be a reflection of Him!  May we be brought to deeper dimensions in Him with each cry of “Holy, Holy, Holy!”