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The Diamond Project

diamond project

With determination she brought forth her Alabaster Box; with a distinct touch came back Whole Again; and now she walks in destiny with The Diamond Project, Delia’s long awaited new release! ...[VIEW MORE]


 Alabaster Box


Alabaster Box is a compilation of songs that have brought her through broken times in her life.  You will be encouraged as she speaks to your heart through songs...[VIEW MORE]

Whole Again

Whole Again

Make no mistake, the Lord has not left Delia broken; He has taken the broken pieces of her Alabaster Box to bring you Whole Again – the sequel to Alabaster Box. ...[VIEW MORE]

A near fatal car accident in Canada on Christmas Day 1987 left Delia to continue life as a paraplegic.  She utilizes a wheelchair and has found life to be a challenge, but not an impossible one.

A Miracle...Her faith in God has not only helped her cope with the loss of the usage of her legs, but a life-threatening brain tumor as well.  Miraculously, a day before surgery to remove the tumor was scheduled, it separated itself from the base of her brain.  The operation which may have left her in a coma for the rest of her life was not necessary.  Neurosurgeons were stumped, but Delia was confident that her God has performed the work Himself!  She gives Him sole credit for the miracle and delivers her testimony with a fervency.

Delia has moved on and knows for certain that God has a special call on her life.  She co-labors alongside her husband, Bishop Levy H. Knox in Mobile, AL where she is the First Lady of Living Word Christian Center.  She is also the visionary of “3D-Woman, Women of Determination, Distinction and Destiny”, a ministry that ministers to the total woman, the Single Woman, the Wife and the Mother, encouraging women to be Determined to be set apart in Distinction, and walk in the Destiny as purposed by God.

Delia ministers the word through illustrative sermons and in song.   She testifies to the world of God's faithfulness in her life, the ministry of the Holy Spirit and of His powerful love.

All in all, Delia feels that her greatest honor is to sing before the King of Kings Himself!  We pray that this ministry will bless, challenge and impact your life with the knowledge of Jesus Christ and that you might draw closer to him.

God Bless You!

For more information about Delia visit www.lwccim.com